Database of researchers

Note: The website is currently being updated, thus the information about Network members and experts in the database is incomplete. You can access the up-to-date list of NESET members here.

This open database contains highly qualified and experienced experts working on social aspects of education and training. It includes NESET II Network members and outside experts. The database covers all levels of education and training from the perspective of lifelong learning and contains members from a broad geographical scope, in particular from the EU Member States.

Please use the pane on the left to filter researchers by geographical scope of expertise, policy themes or the level of education they specialise in. Please note that the results will display every profile which features at least one of the selected countries under the scope of expertise; however, the profile has to contain all the policy themes and levels of education selected in the filter for it to be shown in filter results. You may also use the interactive map below to select one or more countries to filter by scope of expertise.


If you are a researcher in the social dimension of education and training and would like to be included in this database, simply complete the registration form.

 Registration form

Note: The person completing the form is responsible for ensuring that the submitted information is correct. NESET does not guarantee the validity of the data provided.

Complete list in alphabetical order

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