Assessment practices for 21st century learning: review of evidence

Hanna Siarova, Dalibor Sternadel, Rūta Mašidlauskaitė

NESET II Analytical Report No 1/2017, August 2017

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The current state of national ECEC quality frameworks, or equivalent strategic policy documents, governing ECEC quality in EU Member States

Arianna Lazzari
NESET II Ad Hoc Report No 4/2017, 2018

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The effectiveness of equity funding in education in Western countries. Literature review.

Emilie Franck and Ides Nicaise
NESET II Ad Hoc Report No 2/2017, 2017

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The role of education for social inequality in modern societies (with a special perspective on EU Member States)

Dovydas Caturianas, Laima Užpelkienė, Valentina Migliarini
NESET II Ad Hoc Report No 5/2017, 2017

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Migration in Sweden

Continuity of learning for newly arrived refugee children in Europe

Claudia Koehler
NESET II Ad Hoc Report No 1/2017, 2017

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