Multilingual Education in the Light of Diversity: Lessons Learned

Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman, Hanna Siarova
NESET II Analytical Report No 3/2016, February 2017

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Structural Indicators for Inclusive Systems in and around Schools

Paul Downes, Erna Nairz-Wirth, Viktorija Rusinaitė
NESET II Analytical Report No 2/2016, December 2017

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Policies and practices for equality and inclusion in and through education

Irma Budginaitė, Hanna Siarova, Dalibor Sternadel, Greta Mackonytė, Simonas Algirdas Spurga
NESET II Analytical Report No 1/2016, December 2016

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How to prevent and tackle bullying and school violence

Paul Downes & Carmel Cefai
NESET II Analytical Report No 2/2015, December 2016


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Supporting young adults with special educational needs (SEN) in obtaining higher qualifications

Arthur Limbach-Reich & Justin J. W. Powell
NESET II Ad hoc question No 6/2016, October 2016


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