Alina Botezat

Alina Botezat



Romanian Academy

Geographical scope of expertise

  • Germany
  • Romania

Areas of expertise

  • Funding and governance of education and training
  • Content of education and training curricula, development of key competences
  • Education and migration

Levels of education

  • Primary/basic/compulsory education
  • Secondary education (general)
  • Secondary education (vocational)

Selected publications

  • Botezat, A., Baciu, L. (2014) ‘A Comparative Analysis of the Public Spending Efficiency of the New EU Member States: A DEA Approach’, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 50(S4), pp. 31-36. DOI: 10.2753/REE1540-496X5004S402.
  • Botezat, A., Pfeiffer, F. (2014) ‘The Impact of Parents Migration on the Well-being of Children Left Behind: Initial Evidence from Romania’, IZA Discussion Papers 8225, pp. 1-26.
  • Botezat, A., Baciu, L. (2014) ‘Wellbeing and the Economic Crisis: Evidence from Life in Transition Surveys in Eastern Europe’, CSE Working Papers, 6(2), pp. 22-32.
  • Botezat, A., Baciu, L., Iacobuță, A. and Ifrim, M. (2014) Probleme actuale de economie publică. Iaşi: ‘Al. I. Cuza’ University Publishing House. ISBN 978-606-714-052-1.
  • Botezat, A., Seiberlich, R. (2013) ‘Educational Performance Gaps in Eastern Europe’, Economics of Transition, 21(4), pp. 731-756. DOI: 10.1111/ecot.12027.
  • Botezat, A. (2012) ‘Decomposing the Gap in School Achievement between Finland and Romania. Some Methodological Aspects’, Annals of Faculty of Economics, 1(2), pp. 165-171.
  • Botezat, A., Baciu, L. (2012) ‘Considerations on the Quality of Administration, Public Spending and outcome in the EU Countries’, Journal of International Business and Economics, 12(3), pp. 80-86. ISSN 1554-8037.
  • Botezat, A. (2011) ‘The Cultural Capital of Immigrant Families and the Impact on Student Performance: Evidence from Germany’, Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, 11(2), pp. 59-72.
  • Botezat, A., Jaba, E. and Balan, C. (2010) ‘A statistical approach of spatial-temporal variability of a phenomenon using a RoEu composite index’, Romanian Journal of Regional Science, 4(1), pp. 1-14.
  • Botezat, A., Jaba, E. and Balan, C. (2010) ‘The Analysis of the Creativity Determinants – Case Study on Romanian and Italian Student’, Proceedings of The 6th International Seminar on the Quality Management in Higher Education. ISI: IDS Number-BTW64, ISBN: 978-973-662-567-1.