Chiara Agostini

Chiara Agostini



European Social Observatory (OSE)

Geographical scope of expertise

  • EU-28

Areas of expertise

  • Funding and governance of education and training
  • Vocational education and training, transitions to employment

Levels of education

  • Higher education
  • Adult education and training

Selected publications

  • Agostini, C. and Natali, D. (2015) ‘Italian Welfare Reforms: Missed opportunities for a paradigmatic change?’, in Schubert, K. and Kuhlmann, J. (eds.) Current Challenges to European Welfare Systems. Springer.
  • Agostini, C., Natali, D. and Sacchi, S. (2015) ‘The Europeanization of the Italian welfare: tools, channels of influences and trends’, in Ascoli, U. and Pavolini, E. (eds.) The Italian Welfare State in a European perspective. Policy Press.
  • Agostini, C. and Ascoli, U. (2014) ‘Il welfare occupazionale: un’occasione per la ricalibratura del modello italiano?’ [Occupational Welfare: an opportunity to recalibrate the Italian welfare model?], Politiche Sociali, 2, pp. 263-280.
  • Jessoula, M., Agostini, C. and Sabato, S. (2014) ‘Europa 2020 e lotta alla povertà: obiettivi “hard”, processi “soft”, governance in fieri’ [Europe 2020 and fight against poverty: “hard” targets and “soft” processes, governance in fieri], Politiche Sociali, 1, pp.101-118.
  • Agostini, C. (2013) ‘Istruzione e protezione sociale: modelli e andamento della spesa’ [Education and social protection: models and evolution of public spending], Scuola Democratica, 3, pp. 669-690.
  • Agostini, C. and Capano, G. (2013) ‘Politiques d’éducation: une comparaison des évolutions au sein de l’UE et dans les politiques nationales’, in Natali, D. and Vanhercke, B. (eds.) Bilan social de l’Union européenne 2012, Quatorzième rapport annuel, pp. 153-188.
  • Agostini, C. and Capano, G. (2013) ‘Education Policy: Comparing EU developments and national policies’, in Natali, D. and Vanhercke, B. (eds.) Social developments in the EU. Brussels: ETUI/OSE, pp. 147-180.
  • Baldi B. and Agostini C. (2011) ‘Le regioni fra decentramento e federalismo’ [The Regions between decentralization and federalism], in Longobardi E. and Cangemini, R. (eds.) Regionalismo e regioni in Italia, 1861-2011. Roma: Gangemi editore, pp. 69-95.