School segregation in Sweden: evidence from the local level

Per Kornhall and German Bender

NESET Ad Hoc Report No 1/2019, 2019

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Teaching media literacy in Europe: evidence of effective school practices in primary and secondary education

Julian McDougall, Marketa Zezulkova, Barry van Driel, Dalibor Sternadel

NESET II Analytical Report No 2/2018, 2018

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The links between education and active citizenship/civic engagement

Irina Golubeva

NESET II Ad Hoc Report No 1/2018, 2018

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Fighting schooll segregation

Fighting school segregation in Europe through inclusive education

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Council of Europe Position Paper, September 2017

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Strengthening Social and Emotional Education as a core curricular area across the EU

Carmel Cefai, Paul A. Bartolo, Valeria Cavioni, Paul Downes  

NESET II Analytical Report No 3/2017, January 2018

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