Dominic Orr

Selected publications

  • Orr, D., Luebcke, M., Schmidt, J. P., Ebner, M., Wannemacher, K., Ebner, M., & Dohmen, D. (2020). Higher Education Landscape 2030: A Trend Analysis Based on the AHEAD International Horizon Scanning. Springer, Cham.
  • **Orr, D, Weller, M and Farrow, R. 2019. How is Digitalisation Affecting the Flexibility and Openness of Higher Education Provision? Results of a Global Survey Using a New Conceptual Model. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2019(1): 5, pp. 1–12. DOI:  
  • Haj, C. M.; Geanta, I. M.; Orr, D. (2018): A Typology of Admission Systems Across Europe and Their Impact on the Equity of Access, Progression and Completion in Higher Education. In: Curaj, A.; Deca, L.; Pricopie, R. (eds.): European Higher Education Area: The Impact of Past and Future Policies. Springer International.
  • Orr, D.; Usher, A. (2018). Revisiting student performance as a cornerstone of higher education – how is student performance reflected in performance-based funding? In Hazelkorn, E.; Coates, H.; McCormick, A.C. (Eds.), Research Handbook on Quality, Performance and Accountability in Higher Education. Springer.