Maja Nenadovic

Selected publications

  • Nenadović, M. (2014). ‘If You Ignore It, It Will (Not) Go Away. Exploring How and Why the International Community Turned a Blind Eye to Corruption in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo’. Part I. Concepts.
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  • Nenadović, M. (2012). ‘European Union Enlargement Anno 2012: Quo Vadis Europa?’ in: Swoboda H., Stetter E. and Wiersma M. (eds.), EU enlargement anno 2012: A Progressive Engagement. Copenhagen Revisited.
  • Nenadović, M. (2012). Installing Democracy in the Balkans?: Analysis of Political Party Assistance in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo (Doctoral dissertation, Universiteit van Amsterdam [Host]).
  • Nenadović, M. (2011). ‘The International Community in the Balkans: Administering Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo’s descent into state failure?’ The South Slav Journal, 30.
  • Nenadović, M. (2011). An uneasy symbiosis: the impact of international administrations on political parties in post-conflict countries. Democratization17(6). Reprinted in the volume edited by Peter Burnell and André Gerrits, Promoting Party Politics in Emerging Democracies Routledge.
  • Nenadović, M. (2009). Entries on Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo in Sagar, Darren J., ed. Political parties of the world. Farmington, CT: John Harper.