The role and place of ECEC in integrated working, benefitting vulnerable groups such as Roma

Ankie Vandekerckhove, Hester Hulpia, Jana Huttova, Jan Peeters, Danut Dumitru, Claudiu Ivan, Szilvia Rezmuves, Eugenia Volen and Alina Makarevičienė

NESET Analytical Report No 1/2018, 2019

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School segregation in Sweden: evidence from the local level

Per Kornhall and German Bender

NESET Ad Hoc Report No 1/2019, 2019

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Teaching media literacy in Europe: evidence of effective school practices in primary and secondary education

Julian McDougall, Marketa Zezulkova, Barry van Driel, Dalibor Sternadel

NESET II Analytical Report No 2/2018, 2018

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The links between education and active citizenship/civic engagement

Irina Golubeva

NESET II Ad Hoc Report No 1/2018, 2018

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Fighting schooll segregation

Fighting school segregation in Europe through inclusive education

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Council of Europe Position Paper, September 2017

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