The activities of the NESET network encompass various topics related to the social dimension of education and training. Topics taken into consideration include education curricula, the gender aspect in education, ethnicity, parental involvement, adult education, vocational training, etc.

The list of 15 policy themes provides an overview of the main areas covered by the Network. These themes form the policy-informing thematic content of the Network’s activities and discuss the fields of education policy which are the most important in reducing poverty and enhancing equity and social inclusion in Europe. As regards the NESET website, the policy themes can be utilised in the database of researchers to filter and search the experts working on the social aspects of education and training.

Nevertheless, it is evident that the list provided is not finite, as even more aspects of the issue can be identified, particularly in the context of the ever-growing knowledge base. If you notice any relevant omissions or detect important elements that have not been considered, please contact us at [email protected].