Assessment of the ongoing higher education reforms in Lithuania

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Assessment of the ongoing higher education reforms in Lithuania


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Dovydas Caturianas, Mantas Budraitis 

NESET Ad Hoc Report No 3/2019

This report addresses the Lithuanian higher education reform that began in 2017. Although some private higher education institutions (HEIs) exist in Lithuania, the present reform process and this report mainly address public higher education in the country. The first section of the report briefly provides some background as to why the reforms were needed, and what problems of the higher education sector they seek to address. In addition, the first section outlines the main objectives and pillars of the ongoing higher education reforms. The second section of the report addresses the area of the reform in which most progress has been made over recent years: namely, Lithuania’s ‘University Network Optimisation Plan’, a term that generally refers to ongoing university mergers. This section analyses the main objectives and principles behind the implementation of university network optimisation, and includes the main steps and stakeholders involved in the process. In addition, this section identifies key problems and challenges in relation to the actual implementation of university mergers in Lithuania. The third and final section of the report concludes by summarising the ongoing higher education reform in Lithuania, and providing the authors’ assessment of its main strengths and weaknesses.