Carmel Cefai

Carmel Cefai



University of Malta, Malta

Geographical scope of expertise

  • Australia
  • Malta
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • EU-28

Areas of expertise

  • Content of education and training curricula, development of key competences
  • Vulnerable groups in education and training
  • Disability/special needs, inclusive education
  • Education and migration
  • Early school leaving
  • Widening participation in higher education
  • Parental involvement and family support
  • Education and training of professional workforce
  • Cross-sectoral working

Levels of education

  • Pre-school education
  • Primary/basic/compulsory education
  • Secondary education (general)
  • Higher education

Selected publications

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    Downes, P. & Cefai, C. (2016) How to Tackle Bullying and Prevent School Violence in Europe: Strategies for Inclusive and Safe Schools  NESET II – AR2. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union
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