Ilze Trapenciere

Selected publications

  • (2018) I.Trapenciere, Riks of social exclusion of children after institutions. In: Health, Society, Welfare, Vol 2.
  • (2018) I.Trapenciere,  Economical migration from rural areas and risks of social exclusion of rural children left
  • (2018) Koroleva, I., Alkesandrovs, A., Trapenciere, Student Living conditions (in Latvian)
  • Behind; in Latvian, Rajevska, F. Ed.,  trajectories of transformation., Valmiera.
  • (2017) I.Trapenciere, Mazo lauku skolu iespējas un riski pašvaldību vērtējumā (Opportunities and risks of small rural schools – municipal assessment), submitted and accepted for publication for Internatioanla UNESCO conference at DU)
  • (2016.) Arendt, D., Crepaldi, I.Trapenciere et als, Family policy after the Economical crises; Eurofund.
  • (2015) I.Trapenciere, Working conditions of academic personnel (in Latvian), 50p.
  • (2015) I.Trapenciere, Life prospective of youth leaving care (in Latvian), Liepaja, 20p.
  • (2014) I.Trapenciere, I.Kārkliņa, “Ways of Implementing the EU Directives in Latvia  on Violence against Women, Children and Youth: Good Practices and Recommendations”, Inst.of Philosophy and Sociology, 75p.
  • (2012) R.Rungule, I.Koroļeva, I.Trapenciere, et als, Sabiedrības novecošana: sociālā aizsardzība, nevienlīdzība un darba tirgus riski (Aging: social security, inequality and labour market risks), Riga, University of Latvia
  • (2010) Healthy Vocational Education and Higher Education, Riga, (EEA Project); Eds. (In Latvian)