Yifei Yan

Selected publications


Yan, Y. (2024). Getting Schools to Work Better: Educational Accountability and Teacher Support in India and China. London: Routledge.

Selected refereed journal articles (* = corresponding author)

Yan, Y.,* Sano, H. & Sumiya, L. (2023). “Policy Capacity Matters for Education System Reforms: A Comparative Study of Two Brazilian States,” Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 25(2), 253–281 (SSCI-listed, Impact Factor 3.3 in 2022, SJR Ranking: 45/199 in Public Administration). doi.org/10.1080/13876988.2022.2110472

  • Shortlisted, best paper award, PSG XXI Policy Design and Evaluation, PSG XIII Public Policy and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) Annual Conference 2021.

Rawat, S., Yan, Y.,* Wu, A.M. & Vyas, L. (2023). “When Public Administration Education Switches Online: Student Perceptions during COVID-19,” Teaching Public Administration, 41(1), 122–142 (ESCI-listed, Impact factor 1.7 in 2022). doi.org/10.1177/01447394221119092

  • Winner, best paper award, PSG IX Teaching Public Administration, EGPA2021.

Yan, Y., Vyas, L., Wu, A.M. & Rawat, S. (2022). “Effective online education under COVID-19: Perspectives from teachers and students,” Journal of Public Affairs Education, 28(4), 422–439. doi.org/10.1080/15236803.2022.2110749

Yan, Y.* & Saguin, K. (2021). “Policy Capacity Matters for Capacity Development: Comparing Teacher In-service Training and Career Advancement in Basic Education Systems of India and China,” International Review of Administrative Sciences, 87(2), 294–310 (SSCI-listed, Impact Factor 2.3 in 2022, SJR Ranking: 37/199 in Public Administration). doi.org/10.1177/0020852320983867

Yan, Y.* (2019). “Making accountability work in basic education: reforms, challenges and the role of the government,” Policy Design and Practice, 2(1), 90–102 (ESCI-listed). doi.org/10.1080/25741292.2019.1580131

Yan, Y.* (2018). “Policy Response to Globalization: A Comparison between China’s and India’s Primary Education,” Asian Education Review, 2(1), 76–102.

Refereed book chapters

Yan, Y., Vyas, L., Wu, A.M. & Rawat, S. (2023). “Effective online education under COVID-19: Perspectives from teachers and students,” in International and Comparative Public Administration Education, Eds. William Hatcher and Bruce McDonald III. doi.org/10.4324/9781003410515-6

  • Originally published as a journal article in JPAE (Yan et al. 2022).

Yan, Y. (2023). “Governance of Government Middle Schools in Beijing and Delhi: Accountability Mechanisms and Stakeholder Incentives,” in Driving the Change: Towards Sustainable Development Goal of Education, ed. Anjana Mangalagiri, 165–176. Delhi: Aakar Books.

Yan, Y. (2022). “Policy instruments for educational governance: A comparative investigation of India and China,” in Springer International Handbook of Education Development in Asia Pacific (A Springer Major Reference Work Handbook), eds. Wing On Lee, Phillip Brown, A. Lin Goodwin and Andy Green. doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-2327-1_98-1

Yan, Y. (2020). “Governance of Government Middle Schools in Urban China and India: Comparative Analysis of Supportive Accountability and Teacher Perceptions,” in Governing Cities: Asia’s Urban Transformation, eds. Kris Hartley et al., 189–202. London: Routledge.

Selected op-eds and commentaries

Yan, Y. (2023). “It’s high time to rethink existing approaches to educational accountability.” The Education and Development Forum (UKFIET).

Yan, Y., Sano, H. & Sumiya, L.A. (2022). “What can this Brazilian state teach us about delivering an inclusive, equitable education?” World Economic Forum (Repost on LSE Latin America and Caribbean Blog and translated into Portuguese) .

Yan, Y. (2022). “China Wants Students Working Less. So It’s Asking Teachers to Do More.” Sixth Tone: Fresh voices from today’s China.

Yan, Y. & Saguin, K. (2021). “Why we must reimagine capacity building to strengthen education after COVID-19” World Economic Forum.

Yan, Y. (2021). “Decolonising Higher Education: Bring Students Back In” UKFIET.

Yan, Y. (2020). “India’s National Education Policy is light on details” LSE Social Policy Blog.

Yan, Y. (2020). “Making Online Higher Education Work: Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Imperatives under COVID-19” LSE COVID-19 Blog (Repost on global-is-asian, UKFIET).

Media engagements

Quoted in “The Larger Meaning of China’s Crackdown on School Tutoring”, Interview with Yi-Ling LIU for The New Yorker, May 2022 (Translated into Chinese).

Quoted (in Chinese) in“受访者申诉身心俱疲 中国教育‘双减’教师压力‘双增’”, Interview with Dandan MENG for Lianhezaobao, April 2022.

“The state and education: lessons for the UK from China and India”, Interview with Peter Carroll on LSE Research for the World, September 2021.