Recent Research Developments and Relevant Topics in Current Discussions on Social Aspects of Education and Training (AHQ2/2016)

NESET Ad Hoc Report, 2016

This brief report provides a summary of new topics covering a number of social aspects of education and training that currently play an important role in academic discussions and research projects. It also presents new developments and findings as well as research that promises relevant novel or renewed focus on certain parts of the field. The process of selecting the topics was based on a survey of NESET II network members that have a broad range of expertise on social aspects of education and training. The suggested topics were examined through a review of selected research journals and desk research fitting it with DG EAC’s preferences for new evidence, evolving perspective and recent data;  studies with cross-national focus, with country-specific examples; European data or findings in other, non-European countries that are relevant to Europe; and topics prominent in research studies (e.g. special issues in reviewed journals).

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