A systemic, whole-school approach to mental health and well-being in schools in the EU

Carmel Cefai, Celeste Simões, Simona C.S. Caravita
NESET Analytical report, 2021

This analytical report is in response to the recognised need for schools in Europe to prioritise and actively promote the mental health and well-being of school children within safe and inclusive contexts. It seeks to develop a theoretical framework to guide the way in which the whole-school system, in collaboration with the community, can be mobilised at various levels to promote mental health and well-being. The report makes recommendations for the effective implementation of a systemic, whole-school approach to the promotion of mental health and well-being and the prevention of bullying in schools across the EU. This report adopts a systemic, whole-school perspective that emphasises the importance of interacting subsystems within and beyond particular individuals and settings.


You can learn more about the topic in the video where lead-author Professor Carmel Cefai discusses the report and its relevance.

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