Jan Peeters

Jan Peeters



Centre for Innovation in the Early Years

Geographical scope of expertise

  • Belgium
  • EU-28

Areas of expertise

  • Funding and governance of education and training
  • Content of education and training curricula, development of key competences
  • Vulnerable groups in education and training
  • Gender, sexual identities
  • Disability/special needs, inclusive education
  • Education and migration
  • Ethnicity and non-discrimination
  • Early school leaving
  • Parental involvement and family support
  • Monitoring for equity in education and training
  • Education and training of professional workforce

Levels of education

  • Pre-school education
  • Primary/basic/compulsory education
  • Secondary education (vocational)
  • Adult education and training

Selected publications

  • Peeters, J. and Sharmahd, N. (to be published) ‘Professional development for ECEC practitioners with responsibilities for children at risk: which competences and which in-service training are needed?’, EERCERJ special issue.
  • Peeters, J. and Lazzari, A. (2013) ‘Competenze Professionali. Quali competenze per I professionisti della prima infanzia?’, IUSNE Crisi economica e creatitivita educative: L’ innovazione inizia dal Nido. Verona, pp. 14-27.
  • Peeters, J. (2013) Public Childcare Services in the European Union: The model of Belgium, Barcelona Targets Revisited. Brussels: European Parliament, DG for Internal Policies.
  • Vandenbroeck, M., Peeters, J. and Bouverne-De Bie, M. (2013) ‘Lifelong learning and the counter/professionalisationof child care: A case study of local hybridizations of global European discourses’, European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 21(1), pp. 109-124.
  • Peeters, J. (2013) ‘Can research realise a bit of utopia? The impact of action-research on the policy of childcare in Flanders’, Early Years an International Journal of Research and Development, 32(2), pp. 159-170.
  • Peeters, J. (2013) ‘Towards a gender neutral interpretation of professionalism in ECEC’, Revista Espanola de Educacion Comparada, 21, pp. 119-143.
  • Peeters, J. (2012) ‘Childcare Professionalism in Flanders: An Inside-Outside Perspective’, in Miller, L., Dalli, C. and Urban, M. (eds.) Early Childhood Grows up. Towards a Critical Ecology of the Profession. Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York: Springer.
  • Peeters, J. and Vandenbroeck, M. (2012) ‘Childcare practitioners and the process of profesionalisation’, in Miller, L., Dury, R. and Cable, C. (eds.) Extending professional practice in the early years. Sage, Open University.
  • Peeters, J. and Vandenbroeck, M. (2012) ‘A la recherche des systèmes compétents: conclusions et recommandations de CoRe un projet de recherche européen sur les compétences requises en EAPE’, Petite Enfance, 107, pp. 79-86.
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