Conference: Socially inclusive education: better connecting research to policy and practice

The European Commission – DG Education and Culture, the Network of Experts on the Social Dimension of Education and Training (NESET) and the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE) held an annual conference titled Socially inclusive education: better connecting research to policy and practice in Brussels, on November 23, 2016.

It was a major event facilitating broader dialogue between policy makers at the EU and national levels and researchers. The conference provided an opportunity to discuss the evidence on effective policies and practices gathered by NESET II and EENEE as well as the implications to policy makers, researchers, practitioners, civil society organisations and other stakeholders at the local, national and international levels.

The Conference alternated between the formats of plenary sessions and parallel group discussions in order to create dialogue and opportunities for the audience to actively participate. It covered topics of early childhood education and care; tackling discrimination, segregation, bullying and violence; integration of migrants and refugees; inclusion of learners with special educational needs, education staff quality and equity; the final plenary session was dedicated to identify and discuss new areas for evidence and research.

Conference material