Conference: Strengthening Common European Values through Education. What does the Evidence tell us?

The European Commission’s Communication on the role of education and culture in strengthening European identity from November 2017 and the Council Recommendation on promoting common values, inclusive education, and the European dimension of teaching from January 2018 emphasise that education and training systems are at the forefront of working towards active citizenship and common values in Europe. The Council Recommendation points out that including common values in learning environments is paramount in order to reduce intolerance, polarisation and divisive nationalism. As reflected by these documents, tackling the challenge of strengthening common European values is a high priority to all EU Member States. Therefore, the 2018 Conference was focused on the topic of common European values, active citizenship and key competences.

While a lot had already been done to promote common European values, it was acknowledged that there is a need to further strengthen them through education. This conference was oriented towards solutions and practices that demonstrated value and worked well for different levels of education.

Conference materials