Hester Hulpia

Selected publications

  • Bergeron-Morin, L., Peleman, B., & Hulpia, H. (2023). Working with multilingual children and families in early childhood education and care (ECEC): Guidelines for continuous professional development of ECEC professionals. NESET, Luxembourg: Publications European Union.
  • Peleman, B., Hulpia, H., & Bergeron-Morin, L. (2023). Supporting childcare professionals in approaching multilingualism: Insights from a collaborative process of professional development. Early Years, 42.
  • Vandenbroeck, M., Slot, P., & Hulpia, H. (2021). Quality in home-based childcare providers: Variations in process quality. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal.
  • Van Laere, K., et al. (2021). Governing quality Early Childhood Education and Care in a global crisis: First lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. NESET, Luxembourg: Publications European Union.
  • Vandekerckhove, A., et al. (2019). The role and place of ECEC in integrated working, benefitting vulnerable groups such as Roma. NESET, Luxembourg: Publications European Union.
  • Peeters, J., & Hulpia, H. (2018). Improving the quality of ECEC services in Georgia (Unicef).
  • Hulpia, H., Peeters, J. & Van Landeghem, G. (2014). Study on the effective use of ECEC in preventing early school leaving. Case study report: Belgium (Flanders).
  • PhD on Distributed leadership and organizational outcomes in secondary schools (2009, Ghent University, promotor prof. Dr. Geert Devos).
  • 9 articles published in SCI-journals.