08 Mar 2018

4th meeting of DG EAC key knowledge providers

4th meeting of DG EAC key knowledge providersThe 4th meeting of DG EAC key knowledge providers took place on February 6, in Brussels. Participants included representatives of the NESET II Coordination Team, members of the EENEE network, EUROSTAT, Eurydice, IEA, Joint Research Centre (JRC), and OECD. The main aim of the meeting was to share information about ongoing projects, initiatives and discuss the cooperative actions. The European Commission’s annual publication on education and training in the EU – Education and Training Monitor 2018 – will be a focal point of attention for the outcomes of the on-going cooperation between the Directorate General for Education and Culture and key knowledge providers.

The presentations and discussions also touched upon the recent developments in IEA and OECD large scale studies (incl. ICCS, PIRLS, TIMSS, PISA, TALIS, PIAAC), the development of operational competency network and the self-reflection tool for digitally capable schools – SELFIE (by JRC).