11 Jul 2024

New NESET report addresses the gender gap in STEM education across educational levels

Despite significant advances in STEM education and a growing emphasis on gender equality, women across Europe remain under-represented in STEM careers and among graduates majoring in STEM-related fields. NESET latest report Addressing the gender gap in STEM education across educational levels crafted by Maria Evagorou, Blanca Puig, Dury Bayram, and Hedvika Janeckova aims to consolidate current research findings, policy analyses and best practices in relation to gender disparities in STEM education.

The report identifies and analyses the individual, contextual and institutional factors that contribute to the gender gap in STEM education. This includes aspects such as societal attitudes, educational practices, curriculum design and the role of educators in shaping gender perceptions and choices in STEM. In addition, the report identifies effective strategies and interventions that have been successful in enhancing girls’ interest, participation and persistence in STEM from an early age. Finally, the report offers actionable recommendations for policy-makers, educators and other stakeholders to address systemic barriers, promote genderinclusive educational environments and foster a sustained increase in girls’ participation in STEM fields. 

We invite NESET members and education practitioners to read the full report and executive summary (also available in French and German).