30 May 2019

NESET closes the 2015-2018 project period

Each year we take the time to reflect on our activities and continuously look for ways to improve. This time we are excited to review the entire four-year period, as the previous Network contract (2015-2018) comes to an end. We are grateful to all highly qualified and experienced experts that have helped the Network reach new milestones and contributed to the improvement of European-level policy development.

Last year the Network’s team of experts produced to the following deliverables:

In addition, the Network contributed to a thought-provoking annual conference ‘Strengthening Common European Values through Education. What does the Evidence tell us?’, co-organised in partnership with EENEE and Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC).

The closing of the contract will not affect the Network’s operation, as PPMI continues its role as coordinator for the upcoming project period (2019-2022).