14 Feb 2017

NESET II presents findings in the ET Working Group meeting and the event on Maltese presidency

Untitled design (3)The report “Policies and practices for more equality and inclusion in and through education” (available here) has been presented by the lead author, Irma Budginaitė, in the meeting of ET 2020 Working Group on promoting citizenship and the common values (7 February 2017) and in the event “Small island, big ambitions: What the Maltese Presidency is doing for education in Europe”, co-organised by Liaison agency Flanders-Europe (vleva) and the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training (9 February 2017).

The ET 2020 Working Group meeting focused on social and civic competences and social inclusion. The Working Group provides a forum for the government representatives from European countries to exchange of key policy issues falling under the scope of the Paris Declaration and aims to develop a policy framework to support effective policies on citizenship education and inclusive education.

The event ‘Small island, big ambitions’ was devoted to the priorities of the Maltese presidency and it gathered European and Flemish stakeholders active in education field to discuss how European education systems can be both inclusive and of high quality and how educators and teaching staff can be empowered for inclusion.

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