20 Apr 2020

NESET presents an ad hoc report on foresight studies and scenario building

NESET presents the first ad hoc report of 2020, which addresses the request of DG EAC to carry out a literature review on the “State of research in foresight studies on education and training“. Prepared by Slavi Stoyanov, the report is framed by two main questions:

  • What evidence exists in the literature about foresight studies in education and training?
  • What are thematic and methodological issues, challenges and opportunities identified in the selected literature on foresight studies in education and training?

The analysis identified a number of prototypical examples referring to future of education and training either explicitly, or implicitly through the analysis of trends. Some of the cross-cutting themes are: creativity and critical thinking, digital competence, personalisation, alterative paths for learning, and the close relationships between technology and pedagogy.

Some suggestions are made for including new methods and techniques for carrying out foresight studies.

Access the full report in our Library.

Visual adapted from freepik.com