15 Dec 2020

NESET publishes a report on micro-credentials in European higher education

NESET has just published a report co-authored by Dominic Orr, Mantas Pupinis and Greta Kirdulytė, entitled “Towards a European approach to micro-credentials: a study of practices and commonalities in offering micro-credentials in European higher education“.

The main objective of this report is to provide a background analysis that will inform the European Commission with regard to the development, provision and recognition of micro-credentials. This will feed into a wider consultation and analysis for a European approach to micro-credentials.

The report focuses on the higher education sector, but where relevant, it also extends to other sectors. The report also provides a catalogue of best practices related to micro-credentials. These real-life examples of practices that have been successfully applied by higher education institutions as well as other education providers, businesses and public organisations, will allow stakeholders to move beyond abstract theoretical ideas, and will encourage the wider adoption of micro-credentials.

Access the report, onepager, and executive summaries in English, French and German in our Library.

We also invite you to visit a recently launched European Commission website, dedicated to the European approach to micro-credentials (accessible through this link).