28 May 2024

Relevant events for NESET members: Spatial Turn for Equitable Systems in Education and for Education, Wellbeing and Hermeneutics

Our NESET expert, Paul Downes, shares with members and practitioners an invitation to the following events:

June 5th: The Spatial Turn for Equitable Inclusive Systems in Education Symposium on (livestreamed)

This international symposium aims to gather interdisciplinary contributions on space to develop equitable and inclusive systems in education.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Michael Apple. Professor Michael Apple is John Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Recognised as one of the fifty most influential educational scholars of the 20th century, Professor Apple will be speaking at the Educational Disadvantage Centre’s Spatial Turn Symposium to launch the Routledge International Handbook of Equity and Inclusion in Education. This handbook, co-edited by Professor Guofang Li and our NESET expert Paul Downes, can be accessed HERE.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Guofang Li. At the same event, a keynote by the co-editor, Professor Guofang Li, Canada Research Chair in Transnational/Global Perspectives of Language and Literacy Education of Children and Youth from the University of British Columbia, will be livestreamed. NESET expert Paul Downes, Professor of Psychology of Education, Director of the Educational Disadvantage Centre, Institute of Education, DCU will deliver the Opening address at 2 PM Irish time.

June 6th: The Spatial Turn for Education, Wellbeing and Hermeneutics: The Question of Being, School of Human Development Interdisciplinary Symposium.

This blended (online and face to face) Symposium aims to gather interdisciplinary contributions about space and spatial issues in both hermeneutics and phenomenology, to inform approaches in the humanities and social sciences, paying particular attention to education research.

Keynote Presentation: Professor Richard Capobianco. The event will feature a keynote addressed by Professor Richard Capobianco, Professor of Philosophy, Stonehill College, New York. This presentation will take place online with in person audience response in DCU St Patrick’s Campus. The keynote and subsequent Q&A session will be livestreamed starting at 2 PM Irish time, followed by parallel sessions (in person only). The full programme is available HERE.


We extend our gratitude to Paul Downes and warmly invite all NESET members to participate in these enriching events, either online or in person.