02 Jul 2020

Third edition of the webinar series on bilingual education models and language sensitive curricula

NESET has recently published an extensive analytical report entitled The future of language education in Europe: case studies of innovative practices, building on its previous work in this area – Multilingual Education in the Light of Diversity: Lessons Learned. This report aims to support the implementation of the Council Recommendation on a comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning of languages, adopted by the Council of the European Union in 2019. It emphasises the importance of innovative language education in an increasingly interconnected and intercultural world.

To present and discuss in more details the most relevant findings of this report, NESET organised a series of 4 webinars on Language education and multilingualism. The third webinar of the series entitled “The role of bilingual education models and language sensitive curricula in multilingual contexts”, took place on July 1, 2020. 

It was attended by:

Learn more about the webinar in our Events section. We invite you to watch the recording of the webinar on our Youtube channel.