The current state of national ECEC quality frameworks, or equivalent strategic policy documents, governing ECEC quality in EU Member States

Arianna Lazzari
NESET Ad Hoc Report, 2018

A few years ago, policy cooperation with experts from 25 Member States led to a proposal for an ECEC Quality Framework reflecting the current consensus on what constitutes quality in ECEC in five areas: access, workforce, curriculum, evaluation and monitoring, governance and funding. Since its publication in 2014, several Member States have indeed used this Proposal for a quality framework on early childhood education and care to support their national ECEC reforms. Before carrying on further work in the field of ECEC at the European union level with a view to adopting the EU Quality Framework formally, the Commission asked for an updated, informed and clear picture of the different quality frameworks or equivalent documents developed and possibly implemented at level to promote quality provision of ECEC services.

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