27 Mar 2017

3rd meeting of DG EAC key knowledge providers and lunch time debate

The 3rd meeting of DG EAC key knowledge providers was held on March 23, in Brussels. In order to foster more effective knowledge brokerage, representatives from EAC operational units in charge of key policy priority areas took part, along with representatives of NESET II network, EENEE network, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Eurydice, OECD, EUROSTAT. The 3rd meeting addressed not only the ongoing build-up of knowledge, but also effective ways of future collaboration between knowledge providers.

In addition to the main meeting with the six major knowledge providers, the Directorate General for Education and Culture organised a lively debate ‘Drain or gain? Intra-EU mobility and the role of education’. The debate, which was led by Lene Mejer – Deputy Head of Unit EAC A4, discussed the extent to which intra-EU labour mobility reflects an emerging brain drain and gain within the EU, as well as its social and economic impacts.