07 Apr 2020

NESET issues the first quarterly newsletter of 2020

The Network’s Coordination team has published the latest quarterly newsletter, available to NESET members, database researchers and external stakeholders. Access the edition of April 2020 by clicking here, and subscribe to our quarterly correspondence by following this link

NESET publications and updates 

The quarterly newsletter overviews the release of three new analytical deliverables –

We then introduce a new regular column of “NESET Member of the month“. The first featured member is Dragana Avramov, PhD, the Scientific coordinator of NESET. In a short questionnaire, the Scientific coordinator speaks of her areas of expertise, most recent contributions to NESET activities, and prospective research collaborations. 

The newsletter also includes news from our members. This time, we present a research article ‘The impact of parental labour migration on left‐behind children’s educational and psychosocial outcomes: Evidence from Romania‘, developed by Network member Alina Botezat, together with Friedhelm Pfeiffer.

Activities and resources outside the Network

The newsletter also includes a public invitation to participate in a studyCreativity – a transversal skill for lifelong learning. An overview of existing concepts and practices’, contracted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and conducted by PPMI.

We end the newsletter with some recommended readings and resources from fellow DG EAC knowledge providers, as well as a selection of digital education solutions, provided by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research free of charge.

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