10 Jul 2019

New Network report on market reforms in the Hungarian school system

NESET has recently published a new ad hoc report “Market reforms in the Hungarian school system: impact of changes in the ownership structure“, prepared by Péter Radó

The report provides an overview of the privatisation process within the Hungarian educational system, drawing upon international comparisons. It then looks at the direct and indirect policy instruments used to encourage the expansion of the church school network, as well as the actual changes brought about in the school network during the period between 2010 and 2016.

Through the analysis of various data sets, the report goes on to evaluate the impact of the changes on the quality of learning outcomes; on the operational efficiency of the school system; and on the degree of social selection and ethnic segregation that occurs within it. Based on the conclusions of this analysis, the report provides a number of policy recommendations that may reduce the negative effects of the various changes in the ownership structure of Hungary’s school system.