16 Jun 2016

Stronger EU action to better tackle violent radicalisation leading to terrorism

In its recent press release the Commission presented further steps to support Member States in preventing and countering violent radicalisation leading to terrorism. Seven specific key action areas where cooperation at EU level can bring added value in preventing radicalisation were set: 

  • Countering terrorist propaganda and illegal hate speech online
  • Addressing radicalisation in prisons
  • Promoting inclusive education and EU common values
  • Promoting an inclusive, open and resilient society and reaching out to young people
  • Strengthening the international cooperation
  • Boosting research, evidence building, monitoring and networks
  • Focusing on the security dimension

In order to increase the supply of fresh evidence and create a platform for exchange of experiences and practices a new entity called the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) has been established. The Commission has foreseen up to EUR 25 million over a period of four years to the Radicalisation Awareness Network Centre of Excellence to provide specific support to stakeholders in the Member States in designing comprehensive prevent strategies, setting up multi agency frameworks and networks and implementing concrete projects.







Full press release is available here.
Communication from the EU is available here.