09 Mar 2023

NESET update is out!

NESET kicks off the spring season with a new quarterly newsletter! With this edition, we also celebrate a new two-year NESET cycle, coordinated by PPMI.The edition also showcases updates from our member community, such as:
  • Professor Carmel Cefai shares a recently published UNESCO report ‘Safe to learn: what do teachers think and do about violence in schools?’, based on the study carried out by him and PPMI.
  • Julian McDougal shares a new project “Evaluating Media Literacy with a Theory of Change”.
  •  Cosmin Nada invites to join him at the panel “The Climate Change and Migration – What Can the U.S. Learn from Europe?”
  • Barry van Driel invites our readers to an upcoming conference on intercultural and peace education “Children as Peacemakers in Divided Societies: Educational Approaches”.
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