Analytical reports

The function of analytical reports is to bridge the gap between academic research and policy-making. The existing research is synthesised in order to draw conclusions and policy lessons and to effectively ‘translate’ these into concrete proposals for both broad policy directions and specific policy measures based on evidence.

Ramon Flecha, Beatriz Villarejo, Cristina Pulido, Sandra Racionero, Gisela Redondo, Elisabeth Torras, NESET Analytical Report, 2020

Effects of the use of digital technology on children’s empathy and attention capacity

Ankie Vandekerckhove, Hester Hulpia, Jana Huttova, Jan Peeters, Danut Dumitru, Claudiu Ivan, Szilvia Rezmuves, Eugenia Volen, Alina Makarevičienė, NESET Analytical Report, 2019

The role and place of ECEC in integrated working, benefitting vulnerable groups such as Roma